Coach Insignia

>> Thursday, November 18, 2010
Friday, November 12th.
We have a very special guest star tonight, Led. He is Master P's brother and has traveled all the way from Idaho to join us! No Scarlet tonight though. She really missed out. Coach Insignia has the best view of Detroit and incredible food. If you have an out-of-town guest that has never been to the D, you MUST take them to Coach on the 72nd floor of the Ren Cen. There is no better way to see Detroit. The bar here has become one of my favorite after work spots for a cocktail. FYI: they have decent happy hour specials.
The moon over Belle Isle.
The 360-degree view just simply cannot be captured properly with my camera, therefore I will not ruin the absolutely amazing view of Detroit with my measly pictures (besides the one above). What I find really cool is how you can see the layout of Detroit, how the main roads are laid out like spokes on a wheel (hub & spoke design like Washington DC a la Pierre Charles L'enfant). You are standing right at the hub and can see the lit spokes go on for miles into the suburbs.
On to the food! Our server was Eddie. He knew the menu well, was professional & friendly. We have wine, of course. The Immortal Zin 2008. Two bottles. I personally love an old-vine zinfandel. Appetizers: Tuna Tartare (of course, if you haven't noticed we are really into tartare lately - either beef or tuna). This tuna tartare is just ok. We agree it would have been better if it was more chilled - this was served at room temp...yech. A hot crab & brie dip that the boys deem "awesome". Smoked salmon, which was also just ok. We loved the samosas...The Greek devoured them. Eddie also led us to an appetizer made from their roast lamb, which was not on the menu as an app, but we wanted to taste the lamb. The lamb was tasty with an olive tapenade. Both The Greek and Led ordered the rack of lamb entree...which they enjoyed, but agreed that disassembling and attacking an intact rack was a lot of work...(maybe just trying the lamb as an app is a better way to go).
Lulu and Thad start with salads. Lulu has the chop-chop salad, it was delicious. Thad ordered the pear-anise-port watercress salad...he hated it. I have had this salad here before and I love it. Watercress has a distinct flavor which Thad has discovered he hates. I recommend this salad to anyone who enjoys bitter & flavorful greens. It has gingerbread croutons...yum.
Lulu had the gnocchi entree, pictured below. It is not on the current online menu and I forget exactly which veggies it was combined with...but it was so good. The gnocchi were obviously homemade, and large. They almost seemed grilled? Very unique and filling...I don't think this is on the menu all the get it while you can!
I had the 7 0z filet mignon topped with blue cheese and split a side order of perfectly crisp-cooked asparagus. Master P had the NY strip, topped with Alaskan king crap & bearnaise sauce. Wow. See picture below:
This is a steak house, so they do the steak right. They do. I notice on the online menu they have a few wagyu steaks. But I didn't see any wagyu on the menu the night we were there...sad. Wagyu is incredible. If you have never tried it, you must order it the next time you have the opportunity. It is worth it.
Desserts! We have the chocolate pudding cake, cheesecake (of course), apple tart and the sorbet taster with three sorbets (coconut, raspberry & orange). They were all excellent. But the winner of the night was the chocolate pudding cake served with malted ice milk. WOW. If you have read our Wolfgang Puck review, you would think nothing comes close to their chocolate souffle. W Puck's still is the best, but this came scary close to tying them!
Total bill.....$544 plus tip. The food and view is worth every penny.
Next: Crave in Dearborn.


Pizza Papalis

>> Sunday, November 7, 2010

Friday, November 5th. Greektown.
This is going to be a short review, as I feel most of Southeast Michigan has had Pizza Papalis at some point....especially since it has now spread satellites into the burbs.
We all split a family size greek salad, which was really good. I love their dressing. We have cheesy bread and bread sticks. In attempt to save calories, the majority of us order thin crust pizza...even though Pizza Papalis is THE place for deep dish chicago style. Scarlet states she can get better thin crust at Cottage Inn. The Greek has a beef stromboli and states he could have done better with Stouffers...ouch. We give it a 3 overall, about average. I do have to say, I normally LOVE the spinach special deep dish I get from the Madison Heights location, but this is what I get for trying to stay low-cal. Oh well. Then we skip over to Astoria Bakery a few doors down for dessert...pretty much any dessert you can dream up. We all are able to get a piece of our favorites. I have a piece of baklava so honey-sweet it hurts my teeth.
We round out our night across the street at the Pegasus for drinks. Lots of saganaki OPA! flames going off all night long! We have fun chatting at the bar the rest of the evening.
Next week: Master P's brother, Led, will be in town from Idaho. We want to take him to Coach Insignia for the most amazing view in the D.