Detroit Seafood Market

>> Sunday, April 3, 2011

Saturday, April 2nd.

Detroit Restaurant Week.  This is our choice for the week, having been to most the others.
Tonight we have Thad, Master P, Scarlet, Lulu and Me.
Our biggest observation of the night, all the staff here seems to be zoned out and confused.  They misplace things, get everything ordered confused and do not know the menu very well.  It was not just Olivia, our server, but everyone from the bartender to bussers.

Oh, and I must give a sidebar rant:
Why, Why, Why do "nice" restaurants allow bathroom attendants to pander in their restrooms?  I just wanted some privacy in the small bathroom, but had to be doted on by a bathroom attendant looking for a tip?  Pumping my soap for me...watching me primp....listening to me pee?  Why?  What restaurant manager EVER thinks this is good idea?  I can pump my own soap!  Please stop this insanity now!

Master P and I order of the restaurant week menu, also with the recommended wine pairings. I have the asian chicken skewers and the parmesan encrusted tilapia.  The chicken never arrived, but that's ok because I really didn't want it, was just sticking with the preordained menu.  The tilapia was like glorified fish sticks, and Scarlet says she buys the exact same frozen parmesan encrusted tilapia at Sam's club.
I did order the house chop salad, which was delicious with bacon, blue cheese and a lemon vinaigrette.

We have seared ahi tuna appetizer.  It was decent.  Thad will not eat the jalapeno aioli that comes on top, but it is pretty good.  The spicy slaw that came with this, and also with the crab cake and BBQ shrimp is so great.   We want a recipe for the slaw, it would be perfect at a summer barbecue.

Master P has the seafood fettuccine.  He is a little disappointed the pasta is overly buttery and salty.  I know usually butter and salt is a good thing, but apparently you can overdo it.  He also had the BBQ shrimp appetizer and clam chowder...he said they were both good.  I didn't care for the BBQ sauce, it was very tomato-y.
Vegetarian Lulu has the chop salad also (without bacon, cheese or olives!) and Mac & Cheese without lobster.  The mac and cheese is not so great.  We are not impressed.  They also create a large plate of assorted veggies for her, including yummy grilled asparagus and mushrooms.

Scarlet has the blackened seabass with a side of shrimp.  She also has the crab cake appetizer, which she says is good with the sweet sauce and spicy slaw.

Thad has the house specialty steamer bucket:  Lobster, clams, mussels, corn on the cob & redskins.  He said it is good, but not as good as the lobster pot pie at Saltwater.

For dessert, we have the cheesecake, key lime pie, lava cake and peach cobbler.  This is one of the rare occasions were we do not go nuts over dessert and we did not even finish a single one.  They all tasted store bought except the peach cobbler.  The cobbler was OK, but didn't have much "cobbler" to it.

As for the atmosphere, we appreciated the live music.  The dining area was very cold and loud.  We do recommend if you want to have a more intimate event to reserve one of the more private curtained booths.

The total for the night was $306 plus tip.  Our overall average rating is about 3.5.  We recommend that for seafood in Detroit you visit Saltwater instead.  Although we blew threw $1200 there quickly, it really isn't much more pricy than DSM.



Saturday, March 26th

Having spent so much at Saltwater, we decided to review a more economical Detroit favorite.  Jacoby's is Detroit's oldest saloon, est 1904.  They serve up German food.  We have just a foursome this night....Scarlet, Thad, Lulu and Me.
I know it was a busy Saturday night, with the Wings playing and all. However, they had only one waitress serving the floor.  It is not a large area, but it was way too busy for one server.  We waited and waited to even see a menu.  There really was no good reason for such poor staffing.

Scarlet has the avocado grilled cheese sandwich and french onion soup.

I have the sausage platter with potato pancakes and sauerkraut.

Lulu has spatzle with a side of the oniony gravy they come with...while Thad just samples the cheese sausage platter.

Most the food was decent.  Lulu didn't care too much for the spatzle.  Scarlet was rather disgusted by the sausage on the above platter.  There were some varieties that had some sort of "creamy" center and just the smell of the sausage sitting on the table was disturbing her.

The atmosphere at Jacoby's is quaint.  The food is ok and the service this night was terribly slow.  We agreed to give it an average rating, a 3....some wanted to give lower, but we need to rate it relative to it's peers...which are bars, not the fancy schmancy places that spoil us.



Saturday, March 12th.

The Greek remains MIA.  Mr. R joins us again.
Michael Mina's Saltwater is located in the MGM casino, next to it's sister restuarant, Bourbon.  Saltwater is all about seafood, which is something of which I'm not a fan, but others in our group are, of course.
We love the atmosphere here, and we recommend the fancy round private table if you ever have a big party for a special occasion.  It looks tres chic.
Our server tonight is Liz, and she is one of the best we have ever had.  We have a sampling of the drink menu, and my favorite was the pear martini.
Lets start with our starters:  We have the ahi tuna tartare (of course)...this one has a tiny quail egg cracked on top before the manager mixes it all together for us!

We like the pine nuts in this version, it was different than the other tartare we have enjoyed.  I personally still love Crave's version more.  We actually order two of these.
We also enjoy the small seafood platter, this is $35 version.  You can get a gigantic version for $65.  The seafood lovers at the table devour this.

Also for starters, Thad has the mussel bisque.  He says it is very fishy, and if you like mussels alot he recommends it .  Master P has the crab louie salad and absolutely loves it, he highly recommends.
Its around this time Scarlet and Lulu decide to indulge in champagne.  We have help from the sommelier, who we name Antonio Banderas.  Before the night is through, the girls spend more than $300 on champagne.  Hey, why not?

Scarlet and I are offered the last two available miso-glazed escolar...which was delicious.  I also have a side of the fried brussel sprouts and am still daydreaming about them.  They had some sort of balsamic syrupy reduction that I wish someone will tell me how to make.


Mr. R has the filet mignon, as he isn't big on the seafood.  Lulu has a special veggie entree we called ahead to have made, which was basically the clam linguini without the clams.  Master P has the diver scallops.  He says they are probably the best scallops he ever had.  The coolest entree of the eve was, like always, Thad's.  The house specialty is the lobster pot pie.  It is gigantic.  It comes wheeled out to the table on a cart, in a copper pot with the top all souffle-like.  Our server then dishes it all out onto a plate.  This dish is at market price, which was $85.  It is full of lobster.  But we recommend sharing it instead of ordering it for just one.  It was huge.

For desserts we have the molten lava cake, the banana bread pudding and the apple sponge cake.  All the desserts were great.
The grand total (gratuity included since we had a part of 6)........drumroll please........$1190!!  We truly outdid ourselves this night.  But it was worth it.   We truly, truly loved Saltwater.  Everyone gave it a 5 and above!  We highly recommend Saltwater as one of our all-time favorite restaurants.