Rub BBQ Pub

>> Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Friday, May 27th
Tonight we are The Greek, Master P, Scarlet, Mr. R & Me...Pippi.
We decide to have BBQ because I canceled the backyard type at my house due to chilly weather...that is Michigan.  As far as bbq in detroit, the only other place we have reviewed thus far is Lockhart's in Royal Oak, and we did not totally love them.  I have higher hopes for Rub.
I didn't collect our servers name, but we did have good service, no complaints here.  For appetizers, we started with the burnt order to compare them to Lockharts.  They were good, more saucy and tender than Lockharts.  But I think Lockhart's burnt ends may have been more traditionally what they are supposed to be like...more crusty and syrupy.
We then proceed to order entrees with many many sides.
Mr. R has the brisket and said it was "good".  No other description.  Same for Scarlet and her mac & cheese with pulled chicken.  "Good".  Master P enjoyed a a combo "bases loaded" platter with pulled pork, brisket and andouille sausage.

While I very much enjoyed baby back ribs...

The rub on the ribs is excellent.  Much like our other local bbq places, there is a variety of sauces on the table.  Here, I find interesting that the Detroit sauce tastes like a apropos.  My favorite sauces are the Memphis & Kansas City.  I like sauces that are spicy and sweet.  Of course, everyone has their own preferences on sauces, but there is enough variety here to make everyone happy.
As for the sides, the baked beans and greens are great.  The sweet potato fries and mash are awesome.  The green beans taste canned.  The corn bread is too dry for our taste.  
For dessert, our server talks us into the deep-fried twinkies.  I have heard of this but never actually tried one, therefore I'm intrigued.  We order two for the table.  We do not even finish one.  The batter on these suckers is soooo salty we cannot eat much more than a taste.  
Total bill $163 plus tip.  This includes multiple cosmopolitans, Jack & Cokes and Michigan Beer....not too bad for 5 dinner tonight.  The ratings average out to a 3.5.  A little above average (keep in mind we are spoiled).  As far as BBQ in Detroit...having been to Lockharts and Slow's (not as a group yet)...I have to say I like Rub the best.  I also like the location, in the heart of all the Detroit action.  We haven't been to Red Smoke BBQ in Greektown yet, but I'm sure we will get there soon.  Tumbleweeds.



>> Thursday, June 9, 2011

We haven't fallen off the earth, we are still here!  After a long grueling semester at graduate school and a small hiatus due to vacations, we finally got back to visiting restaurants on May 14th.  Zazio's in Birmingham was Scarlet's choice in celebration of her birthday.  Lulu and Thad couldn't make it, but I am so pleased to announce the return of The Greek after months of disappearance.  

Scarlet and I have dined at Zazio's before, and loved it.  Our server this night was Michelle, and the service was great.  The cocktail menu has lots of intriguing choices, there is something for everyone.  For apps, the seafood eaters at the table enjoy Fritto Misto (calamari, shrimp, tempura veggies with a lemon-mayo) and Cappesante (seared scallops with fried artichokes and truffle-balsamic vinaigrette).   They said the sauce with the calamari was good, the tempura could use some salt, and the scallops were very good, cooked perfectly.

Fritto Misto & Cappesante
I have the Romano salad.  This is the second time I have had this salad and I loved it.  The lemon-anchovy-caper vinaigrette is perfect.  On the previous visit, Scarlet tried the Rustica salad, and warns to pass this one over as it has a "dirty" taste, we guessed it was from the radicchio... but still couldn't quite pinpoint the problem.

Romano Salad

Master P has the soup of the day, which is a bread tomato soup.  He said it was just ok, and would be much tastier with some melted cheese.
Entrees:  The Greek has the lamb mostaccioli, which was ok but a tad on the dry side, we agreed it could have used more sauce.  Master P has the seafood cioppino, which he liked very much.  I have the agnolotti which was AWESOME.  But the best entree for both of our visits was the tortelli.  Scarlet couldn't wait to return just for this dish.   The pasta is plump with a braised chicken & peas and bathed in a delectable marsala glaze.  It is absolutely divine and we highly recommend you try it.  We also had previously had the lasagna verdure, which was very good and different...not your usual lasagna.  Something else Scarlet and I appreciate about this menu is you can order half portions of the pastas...therefore trying multiple dishes!  Unfortunately the lighting on the photos of the entrees didn't turn out so well, if you are asking yourself why pics of salads and apps but no entrees.  However, I do have one of the desserts, of course!
Semifreddo and apple crostata
The semifreddo tastes just like a giant, creamy frozen hazelnut chocolate candy...either the ones named toffee or mon cheri, depending on who you ask...we love it.  However, the apple crostata blew me away with its apple-caramel gelato.  I see this is not on the current menu, having been replaced with a lemon crostata.  I also see a strawberry-rhubarb-biscuit-type thingy has been added...I might have to make a pit-stop there soon to try it!  I don't think you can go wrong with any of their desserts.  We also noted there was a cheese plate on the dessert menu that we would have loved to have as an appetizer...just a suggestion to you.
The total bill is $207 plus tip, this includes cocktails.
Our ratings for the evening averaged to a 4.5.
I personally love this place and plan to return as it is close to home for me.  Cheers!