24 Grille

>> Thursday, September 29, 2011

  Friday, Sept 23rd 2011.
The 2nd Detroit Restaurant Week of the year.

Tonight we are just Three:  The Greek, Scarlet and I are only graced by the presence of Lulu long enough for one glass of wine...sigh.
24 Grille is located in the historic Westin Book-Cadillac building.  The decor is lovely and the outside patio looks like a fun option on a warmer day.
We drink bottles of lovely malbecs off the wine list, I forget which ones....but this isn't a wine review blog!
Our server for tonight is Roger.  I like him.  Our service overall was very good this evening.  We had heard some other reviews by friends saying the service was shakey here, which simply was not true in any way. 

The restaurant week menu is posted on the website.  For those who don't know restaurant week, it is an app, an entree and a dessert for $28.
Our choices:
The Greek:   Chinese BBQ pork app, lamb leg entree and banana bread pudding.
Scarlet:  Pulled pork taco app, Florida skate entree and scoops (gelato/sorbet/ice cream).
Pippi:  Cracklin sausage (on Roger's recommendation), Pork tenderloin entree and apricot cheesecake.

For apps, the Chinese BBQ is glazed pork belly - the Greek was in love with this.  Very good, recommended.  The tacos were cute little mini-tacos, flavorful.

mini tacos

  The cracklin sausage was interesting.  The sausage itself was a very small portion, served in vermicelli "nests"  and floating in an awesome sweet chili sauce.  All components were better eaten together.  I really loved the sauce. 

Cracklin Sausage

Entrees:  The Greek was disappointed that what he thought was leg of lamb was a really a small kabob.  However, it had good flavor.  The portion was small.


My pork was very good with lovely bleu cheese, huckleberries and port reduction. 


The skate....oh, the skate....I had to look up on my ipad to confirm that skate is a sting-ray type creature.  I'm not a seafood lover, remember, but I cannot see how anyone would like this.  The texture was mushy.  We don't know if that is normally how skate is or if it was the preparation.  Scarlet says it had way too much butter/oil. 

 Desserts:  The bread pudding had absolutely no flavor.  Seriously, I've never tasted such a bland dessert.
The cheesecake was a light airy concoction served in a cup.  It did not wow me.  We recommend the scoops.  The chili lime lemongrass sorbet will shock you out of your food coma.  The chocolate gelato is good and Scarlet loved the strawberry lychee. 

We thought the portions for restaurant week overall were rather small, however, we can't compare to the normal menu having never been here before.  We loved the apps and most the entrees were decent.  The desserts weren't blowing us away.  They do have cappucino (that is important to us!) but Lulu tried one and deemed it watery.  She suspects it was an instant mix of some sort....sacrilege!

Our scores average to a 4.

HOW did we miss Detroits only champagne bar?  According to the website it is adjacent to 24 grille?  This would normally be right up our alley. 

We walk over to the David Stott building after to check out Sky Bar.  This place is nice and we enjoy some lovely sangria.  We are rather early so the place never gets bumping.  The basement is cool, would be fun if we had a larger group.  I can't wait to come back and check out the 35th floor when they open it...which the bartender is saying another 4 weeks?  See you then.