Motor City Brew Works

>> Friday, February 3, 2012

**pics to be posted shortly**
December 9, 2011
Motor City Brew Works,

This is a fun little brewery that makes some popular Detroit beers such as Ghettoblaster and Motown Bohemian lager.  I have been wanting to return to try some of their gourmet pizzas.

I really enjoyed their "elixer fixers" in strawberry cucumber and lemon lavender, I recommend trying them.  They are so good, light and fizzy.

We try multiple pizzas and there is not a bad one in the bunch:  The Bronx Bomber, the Godfather, bbq chicken, maui wowie....see the complete menu on the website.  We also had the Fuego, and I'm giving it a separate mention because I love spicy food.  This is HOT, that's a warning.
We also like the salads very much and the cheese plates.
Some of the pizza crusts were slightly burnt, but not so bad that it bothered us.  The service was decent.
Total bill $143 plus tip, not bad for six people and drinks!
Our scores average a 4.


Mr Pauls Chophouse

November 11, 2011
Tonight we are Mr. R, Scarlet, The Greek, Master P and me.
Master P loves Mr. Pauls and has been trying to get us all out here to this strange part of Groesbeck for a while.  The restaurant is in a rather industrial section and pop's up out of nowhere somewhat.
What we love about this off-the-beaten path joint is it's old school vibe.
There is live piano, professional staff and a cozy atmosphere.
I highly recommend asking for a seat in the front room. The back room lacks the atmosphere and is very loud.

The number one best thing you MUST have here is the table-side caesar salad.  They create the dressing from scratch at your table and the guarantee it will be the best caesar you have ever had.  It's true.
PLEASE try this.

Our server tonight is Tracey, and she definitely goes into the top ten of our best servers ever.  We also enjoyed awesome bar service.

Our entrees were as follows:
Master P and I had the chateaubriand  for two.  It is carved tableside.  I actually found it simple and boring, but that is what some people like, I guess!
Scarlett had the crab legs, The Greek had the rack of lamb and alfredo noodles, Mr. R had the curry encrusted chicken.  They all loved the food.

The total bill was $332 plus tip.
We gave it an almost unanimous 5 rating.  Scarlet says, in spite of the plastic table clothes that was initially a minus for her.


Cass Cafe

**pics to be posted shortly**
So I'm a little behind in getting my posts up...
like 3 months..
back in October we went to the Cass Cafe,
in Mid-Town.
This place touts itself as an art gallery/cafe and it does have a large open space gallery feel.  What The Greek refers to as a "beatnik" atmosphere...whatever that means.  Does that mean he is old?
It was very loud this evening.  It was busy but we were able to snag a table in the corner.
It is only four of us, Master P, The Greek, Scarlet and Myself.
I'll make this short and sweet.
Apps:  Asian spicy wings...I'm not usually a wing person, but these were GOOD with a spicy sauce and also came with yummy peanut sauce.
The artichoke dip wasn't so impressive, it was made with a greasy yellow cheese.
Master P IS however, impressed with the 2 buck Miller High Life.  He also has the clam tomato florentine soup, and is just "eh".
I have a salad with a mustard seed vinaigrette that I love. I have the veggie lasagna, and find it bland and a little dry. Master P has the linguine bolognese, which has a slight curry flavor...interesting combo but it works.  Scarlet has a grilled cheese, can't really go wrong.  The Greek has the mushroom tortellini and loves it.
For dessert, we share a pumpkin praline good The Greek is having pillow talk with it.  We also have the death-by-chocolate cake.  Scarlet thought it was a little dry, but I disagreed and enjoyed it.
Total bill, including wine, $107.
Service was average, nothing to write home about, but not horrible.
Our average score was 3.5, I do recommend it for a less expensive but tasty meal in an unusual atmosphere.