Red Crown

>> Sunday, March 17, 2013

On Friday, March 15th, we had the joy of checking out the hot new spot in Grosse Pointe Park.  I had such high hopes for Red  Crown and eagerly awaited its opening.  It did not disappoint as you can see by the average score of 4.5 above. 
In restarting the adventure, I have decided to let every new guest pick their own nickname, it is so much more fun!  So tonight, joining Master P and I, we have Lovey, JD, Kitty and Chad.  
First off, I adore the decor.  Mindy Lopus (Owner) did a fantastic job turning the old standard oil station into something so trendy yet cozy and warm.  I love the use of edison bulbs throughout.  I was also surprised at how big it was inside, as it appears so tiny from the outside.  I'm really looking forward to the warm weather when it appears the garage doors will open to a small patio area.  Perfection!

The drink menu is creative...I must say by far the most creative cocktails in all of GP or maybe even the east side.  Unfortunately, I don't think they have posted the menu online yet.  I won't remember much of the creative ingredients without being able to reference the menu, sorry!  But, I will tell you the Cherchez la Femme is absolutely lovely...tastes almost like a cosmo but more "floral" made with Valentine Vodka (always a fav), St. Germaine (my other fav) and creme de violette (something new!) I also really like the El Diablo, which is my new favorite version of a margarita.  The Moscow Mule is served in awesome copper mugs (which I refrained from slipping into Lovey's purse).  The PBR is served in a paper bag-how cool is that?
Onto the food:  I can tell you that it seems to me this place is all about the BBQ, although there is more variety on the menu.  I cannot find a description on-line, but a friend told me that the "little red smoker" set up they use at this joint is very unique.  I wish I could find more about it....
For apps, we had the onion rings and the pretzel sticks.  Both very good.  The pretzels were served hot out of the oven with a cheese dip...yummy.  And the onion rings have a slight curry in the batter, so different, but it worked really well.  I recommend both the apps highly.  JD was quite upset when Lovey declared the onion rings "better than Marge's".  JD is a die-hard Marge's fan and even the Crown wasn't going to change this.
We pretty much sampled all the BBQ entrees available between the six of us.  There was absolutely no complaints.  I have to speak only for myself: having sampled many local bbq places (Slows, Lockharts, Rub Pub...) these ribs I had beats them all by far.
There isn't alot of fancy sauce choices, but the sauce was perfect.  The green beans were "ok".  I also sampled the greens on both my visits.  The first day they were awesome, this night they were bland.  The cornbread:  I've been avoiding bread these days but this is going to be trouble.  I know everyone likes cornbread different ways.  This one is light and delicate with just a hint of sweetness.  Paired with the honey butter it is HEAVEN for this girl.  Dangerous.
My arm was twisted into sharing a piece of the pecan pie.  They bake their own desserts and are opening their own bakery next door (construction underway).  Lovey and I agreed this was the probably the best pecan pie we have ever tasted!

So overall, the score averaged 4.5, but I myself give it a 5 plus!  Also, our waitress, Stephanie, was great.  I do want to mention that during our wait for the table she was so gracious to Master P and I by offering us drinks and offering suggestions.  She gets an A+ in my book.
Thank you Ms. Lopus for bringing this gem to my neighborhood!  I'm so looking forward to the opening of the next places in what I'm calling "the new ferndale" area!
And Cheers to the new ADD!


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