Red Smoke

>> Sunday, May 5, 2013

April 2013.
Tonight Scarlet and I head for adventure in Greektown.  We join our friends Lyndy and Ronnie, who are new guest stars.  I had high hopes for Red Smoke, as Lyndy has been coming here for a long time and loves it.  I have not been too happy with other local BBQ places lately (except the new Red Crown..see posting).  I have been especially unimpressed by Rub Bbq Pub lately.  So I'm hoping Red Smoke will be my friends new favorite so I will not be forced to go to Rub any longer.

Lyndy insists we try the skillet jalapeno cornbread to start...saying it is better in the skillet than the muffins that come with the meals.  We slather this with butter, and it is fabulous.  A win for me.  Although, as local cornbread goes, my picks in order are currently:  Red Crown, Local, and then this Red Smoke bit.  

Between the four of us, we sample the carolina back ribs, beef brisket (pulled and sliced), the fried catfish, the greens, the mac and cheese and the green beans. Here, as in many other local BBQ joints, you have a variety of sauces on the table.  The Redsmoke sauce is the spiciest, and the cherry is sweet.  My favorite is a combo of the cherry and the roasted poblano. The sauces are great, and I do believe I like them better than Rub's or Slows.   The greens were very good.  The mac & cheese was pretty good, but still not as good as St. Cece's or even Red Crown.  

Our service was great.  The atmosphere was cozier than Rub or Slows.  I liked it better than both.  Our scores averaged a 4...great food, atmosphere and service.  I wouldn't hesitate to stop here if you are in Greektown or just craving some decent bbq.  


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